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The cause

Reaching the half of your life finding yourself, like every other day, stuck in the traffic and thinking...
“What am I doing, and why?”

Continue to feel an irresistible desire hidden in the farthest corner of your heart.

After so many years spent wasting all this time, without any benefit for yourself, or someone else...

Quoting a famous movie, the question is important.

Are you crazy enough to REBORN?

The effect

A tough restart.
Weather, places, people, customs and traditions completely new to us.
Sometimes the opposite of our previous experience.

And the fun is just that!

What you should know about us

we are                          The Mice
we come from               Italy
we live in                      Auckland, New Zealand
what brought us here?  Nature and lifestyle
we like living                Relaxed, outdoor
preferred place             The Sea. Always and everywhere
motto                           “If you can dream it, you can do it”

What can you expect?

How do we feel in New Zealand? If you can’t imagine, they say that a picture says a thousand words... and here you’ll find a lot of photos

A technical note about the photos

We apologize with the “professionals”, because a large part of the images is less than technically perfect, but each one of them represents a moment, a feeling, an emotion.

They were taken using everything and more: two different "Bridge" cameras, a compact, an iPhone and, finally, my current and beloved DSLR.

Each shot has been food for our souls,
enriching them, forever.